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Act Blue is annoying AT Worst

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Look, I read a lot of reviews. I also have heard a lot about Russian bots and attempts to mess with USA elections.

Yes, Act Blue is tres annoying because it seems that every Democrat candidate under the sun uses it to communicate and get donations. One time I did ask for a refund because a candidate withdrew his support on an issue. I got a refund on one of the two donations I had made to that particular candidate, kind of a compromise, but at least I got one of two $20 donations back. Bottom line there are too many one star reviews here.

I would not tend to believe 90% of them.

Something fishy going on. Use your head readers of these reviews.

Product or Service Mentioned: Actblue Donation.

Reason of review: Honest return, exchange or cancellation policy.

Actblue Pros: Probably legit.

Actblue Cons: Lazy way to raise money.

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I tend not to believe 90% of what any Democrat says. Not every Democrat is a thief, but every thief I've ever met was a Democrat.

I disbelieve only 75% of what Republicans say. Democrats steal your income, Republicans steal your savings.