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My husband had been very ill but in an effort to continue to participate in the only way he could he would try to donate money to the democratic candidates that he could via ActBlue on-line. My husband's cognitive skills were seriously affected by his illness and I checked our credit card charges weekly just to make sure I knew what was going on.

I noticed charges made by ActBlue which were not overly large and not very often. When asking my husband he was fuzzy on what he had done but believed he had made the charges. Finally, I noticed it seemed to be increasing in frequency and amounts. I emailed and phoned ActBlue to explain my husband's problem and ask them to take him off of their mail list.

I also put a stop payment on the credit card. Things stopped for awhile, but then started up with more and more charges at higher and higher numbers. By that point my husband was in bed close to 22 hours a day and was adamant that he had not made these charges in these amounts. I went back to his paperwork and confirmed what he said.

In an effort to get this stopped I finally sent ActBlue a letter with a copy of me having Power of Attorney over all of my husbands affairs. In that letter I also told them that if this continued I would reach out to Senator Lindsay Grahms office (I live in SC) and complain that a democratic funding raising organizations was exploiting the elderly and disabled and though his office might be interested in that issue.

That I have been a life long democrat but that protecting my family would come first, and that I find these sorts of behaviors toward the weak especially disgusting. That seemed to finally stop it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Actblue Donation.

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