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My brother pledged to donate $3.00 to ActBlue and learned he was charged $25; this happened some months ago; last year during the midterm elections, I decided to give some money for a candidate for Senate campaign and ActBlue asked me to donate an extra tip; I told them "No,I am donating my pledged amount!" I don't understand why we pledge to give a certain amount and ActBlue tries to ask for more than we are able to give? This isn't right!

Product or Service Mentioned: Actblue Donation.

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I was trying to donate $2.50 and they took out $250.00!! They still haven't called me back or corrected it. I contacted my bank and reported it , I think they are trying to steal from me.


You really need to understand what the organisation Act Blue really is: a money-making site for all kinds of liberal activism that preys on uninformed, gullible people enticing them to give their money to who-knows-where and, at the same time hopes to con them into allowing automatic monthly payments----gotta read the fine print on that one. In your instant situation, perhaps "feeling good" by throwing your money away makes your day, but "feeling good" is but a transitory thrill for one's ego and meaningless in the scheme of things.


No one needs for you to explain what Act Blue is and what it does. Liberals and other real Americans don't like having a Russian backed mobster and his sycophantic carpet crawling toady enablers in power in our country and are willing to put their money where their beliefs are. Trumpaholism is a cancer of the soul.