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There are so many problems with what you have done to my credit account I am LIVID. You do not return calls.

You put charges on my account without my permission. Your login is a sham.

My next move is to call reporters in my city and my State and let them know how you are stealing money from older people. I called 617-517-7600 which was a waist of time. I trust you do not hand out my e-mail address.

You will be hearing from me if you do. deedee95828@att.net YOU WILL UNDERSTAND IF YOU CONTACT ME.

*** You have charged my account several times without my permission. I am a senior citizen on SS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Actblue Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Actblue Cons: Defaulting to recurring payments when not intended, Having them steal my money, Unauthorized charges to my credit card, Scamming people, Dishonest business practices.

  • Ignoring Complaints
  • Partisan Election Donations Scams
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You chose to send them you money and failed to read the disclaimer regarding auto payments. ActBlue is well-known for this scam.

Perhaps this will tell you something of the character of the people you seem to support with your hard-earned money.

Why would anyone support these organizations? The world wonders.

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