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When I first signed up to contribute monthly to the E Warren Presidential campaign, I input a Credit Card. I soon followed that signup with contributions to other campaigns on a recurring basis.

Then, several months ago, I decided to change the credit card I was using. I input the new credit card into the system, set it as the default CC, but kept the other in there also as a backup. The next month, the old credit card was charged. I went back into the system, and erased the old CC from the system, and just left my preferred CC in there.

Then, my contributions stopped being accepted, because the system said it couldn't charge my credit card. I tried erasing and re-entering that CC about 3 times, but the system kept telling me the card could not be charged. I know that card (a debit card) is valid. About a month ago, I also tried to send a message to ActBlue via website messaging system, but never received a reply.

I canceled my Warren contribution, and then reinitiated it. However, it would NOT let me set a recurring contribution for anything other than $6.24. Where the system got that random number from, I have no idea. The system asked me if I wanted to make that figure ($6.24) a recurring contribution.

However, it wouldn't let me change the figure to something else.

Anyway, I said OK to the $6.24, but then couldn't figure out how to increase or decrease the amount of my monthly recurring contribution to Warren. How do you do that?

I can see where I can change the contribution frequency, but not the amount.

This site sucks. I don't understand why the DNC isn't all over this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Actblue Website.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Fix your damn website!.

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You do realize, don't you that no matter how much you send to those people, you are just throwing your money away? Remember the P.T. Barnum saying.......


My father who has dementia has recurring charges on his credit card.